Random – Experience meeting Singaporean friends (The 2nd time)

Hi everyone! This is just a random entry. And I am so sorry for delaying the fashion entry. I am  still working on it but my laziness has won my hard-working so … :D. But I promise I will finish it as fast as I can.

This entry is about my experience meeting Singaporean friends.  This is the 2nd time I have it because 2 years ago, a secondary school from Singapore came to my secondary school (Now I am in high school). This is so unexpected because when I asked my teacher if I could take part in, she said she was not sure (It meant not!:((). But the last 2 days, she called me and said I was in. And I was like “What?”, “Really?” :O because I forgot about it. Hehe. I did not have enough time to prepare anything so I just let it go the way it is! XD. They will stay in Ho Chi Minh City for 6 days and teach us English and IT. I was in English class, which I am very please with. And my friend, too. And the school’s name is Temasek Polytechnic (I hope it is okay mentioning the name here and I hope I write the name correctly!XD)

And yesterday, also the first day the teachers came to my school, our principals, I guess, had a speech each. I heard there were 2 cars that drove them to my school but we only saw one. And all of them came to the front where not my seat. So I was like “I’m so bored!” and stuff like that because there was no one to talk to. My friend and I kept texting about how bored we were.

There was a girl from my school sang Born This Way by Lady Gaga and she is a good singer. ;D

Here are some photos that I got. I took them by my phone because I forgot my camera at home! :))

They are singing group from our school. Because of no rehearsal, it was kind of… erm… bad.

This is the principal, I guess, from the Singaporean school.

That is  all for today, I did not  have any impression so not much to write. I hope tomorrow will be better. Sleep tight guys!


12.54 am, March 31st 2012.

Update day 2:

Today was awesome! I had a really really good time playing and studying with them. I laughed a lot. I knew some new friends and got their FB. Gonna add friend them. (I am not sure if it is okay mention their names here so I may keep them as secrets! Kaka). They were really nice and cute and very friendly. They were willing to eat and drink Vietnamese dishes while my old friends did not (Why I keep typing frindes instead of friends? Ashiiiiii~).

But I was too tired. I played so hard in the morning like running so now my legs do not listen to me anymore! XD. It is hard for me to go upstairs and downstairs (OMG!). I got home at about 5.15 pm, did some random stuff and slept until 8. What a tired but fun day! And I also had a chance to try the chicken dance, which I have not  done  before  because it is very very embarrassing! We also played so many games such as “Guess your birthday”, “The counting game”, “Untangle your arms, Vietnamese game “Frog” and so on (Those names are composed by me because I do not really remember the names (my bad).

My head, right now, is like someone using a hammer and hitting it. I think I see some stars or stuff like that in front of my eyes while typing this. Ouch headache! X(

I plan to call me friends over on Monday so they can talk to my Singaporean friends. Hopefully I can do that! :)).

I forgot how my teacher looks like, the one I gave the post card to. Erm… Sr!

And some photos taken by my lovely cutie phone! Kaka.

 I really like the design at the back of their t-shirts. So cute!

 This is the time we tried to make that girl smile. I do not  know how she can just stand still, look really like a statue!XD.

 This is when we had a break between the playing time. I was looking for my phone’s accessory(?!?). Old phone! Yeah I know! :))

 That guy wearing glasses looks really like MinHo in “High Kick”. I spotted him right away because of that! XD

 Random things while  having a rest. Cute, huh?Haha

 My classmate. She was so happy that I could join with her because she was the only one chosen in my class. Lucky you!Keke

 In my English classroom. I remember my team’s points were the lowest. Damn the points! Lol~ XD

That is all for today! Now I have to go to bed now if I want to have energy for tomorrow! Yawning~! Sleep tight!


12.oo am, April 1st 2012. Happy April Foolish Day! <3

Update day 3:

Today was freaking funny! We learnt so many things and made a news program. And my friend, the one in the photo above, was truly an actor. She was so good! And we won 2nd place (If I can say we “won”!XD)

We (me and my friend) took some of my Singaporean friends to the photocopy store and when we got back, everyone looked at us just like “Where have they been?” or “How can they go out?” and stuff like that! So funny!

So sorry for no photos today because it is raining all day. And because of that, I did not have a mood of taking photos!=))

Oh and I received the postcard that my teacher wrote back to me! I have not read it yet! Maybe later! Kaka.

Our points were still at the bottom! Have to do our best in the next days! Haiz!

(I changed the tittle of this from “students” to “teacher”!Hehe)

I think that’s all for today. Bye bye~


6.08 pm, April 1st 2012.

Update day 4:

Today was so fun! I learnt 2 new dances “You are very good” cheer and something called “Chi ku cha”, I guess.

We took my teachers to my classroom and introduced to our classmates. It’s time to rebel because We are good students so my teacher did not say anything. Lol~. When the teachers visited the last class, that student did not know what to say so I volunteered to introduce! I was so good! Lol~. Actually when I made up my mind, I think it was kind of embarrassing! Lol~

We made a poster about the pollution with a lot of help from Joey and Mani. Thank you so much guys!

Extra thing: I planned to write this update this afternoon but the power was cut! So sad. And after that, I went to my BFF’s house and told her everything about what has happened these days, evething. I was so bored so I came to her house. Thanked to my friend, talking to her is what I like the most because time flies so fast she helps me alot.

P.s: i’m writting this update by my phone so I can’t upload photos. I’ll edit it soon.

Good night everyone!


10.36 pm, April 2nd 2012.

Update day 5:

We learnt about adjectives that describe people and blogging, which I am doing right now. Lol~. Our blog’s decoration had the highest votes from the students. Now we just have to wait for the teacher’s votes. Super duper nervous. Actually, I thought Invincible group got the highest votes because they were so creative and very good but they got none. My friends and I were like “Unbelievable!!!!!!”.  Thanks to Joey and Qiao Fei!!!!!!

When we had lunch, we have discussed about what was going on because the teachers seemed to misunderstand us, even the ones we have talked before. Because we saw they talk to other students alot but when talking to us, they were, like, “Erm… I’m not sure.” or stuff like that. One of us asked Joey whether the misunderstood us or sonething like that and she said no. But we still felt so bad. :((

I am so tired! I have so many things I have to think! I think I have to get some sleep right now unless I will be super stressful. Fighting fighting me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8.05 pm, April 3rd 2012.

Update day 6 – the last day.

Firstly, damn my phone! I wrote everything and then the page reloaded. I did not even have a chance to save it! Now I have to rewrite! My feeling has gone away! OMG! Grrr…

Yesterday was a great day. We learnt about fashion, which i really love, in the morning. We made an outfit from plastic bags and papers. And in the afternoon, we learnt about coffee and how to make it. We also tried the coffee that my Vietnamese teachers made. I think they bought it from the canteen because it was too sweet. Lol~. 
In the end of the day, we had a farewell party. The teachers sang two songs for us. One was “Just The Way You Are” and the other I do not know the name. Lol. “Just The Way You Are” seems to be a farewell song, huh? Because when I had a farewell party with my old Engligh class, my teacher sang this song too. Then we had Mani singing a song in Indian, I guess. And Yi Da performed “Someone Like You”. He sang it beautifully. I hope I wrote his name correctly. 
After that, it was our turn taking the stage. We sang a song called “Our Dear Vietnam”, which is a Vietnamese song with English lyrics by my friend, and “Five Little Ducks”. Lastly, Pu Lu danced for us. He is very flexible. 
The teachers sang “Con Bướm Vàng” in Vietnamese and took us to the play ground. They taught us two new dances. We took a lot of photos and had so much fun. 
When the teachers had a speech, it moved me a lot. I was almost cried but I held it. We gave Joey a small letter written by my friend to all of you, our beloved teachers. 
In the evening, we decided to go out. We went to LotteMart first and then went to “cà phê bệt”, a relly unique coffee culture in Vietnam. I do not think you can find it in any countries out there. After that, we walked to Ho Chi Minh City Opera House or Theater. I am not sure how they call it. I got home at about 11 pm. That was the first time I hang out with friends that I got home after 10pm. 

I do not think I could forget the past five days easily. I really really miss you. 
See ya real soon! <3 

P.s: My Mom said she would let me travel to Singapore alone if I did good in my final examination! I have to work really hard from now on. Fighting me!!!!! 

P.s.s: If you use a smart phone, you know it can work ALMOST like a computer, right? Mine too but it will take forever to upload photos so I will upload photos when I can use the computer, alright? ;;)
Enjoy your trip to Dalat, okie? Sleep tight! <3
11.50 pm, April 5th 2012.

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