AnnCooks – Summer Favorite Beverage

Hi everyone~

This post is for my series on YouTube called “Travel With Me” which basically me taking about summer and sharing tips and stuff like that. And also I haven’t done any recipe post for extremely long so I want to start doing them again. Today, I’m gonna share with you guys my favorite beverage for the summer time and it is minty milk (I just call it like that LOL).

2 I’m actually drinking it while writing this post =))

All you need is


– Milk
– Mint syrup
– Ice
– Glass and spoon

This is really easy. Just pour milk in you glass and add some mint syrup and stir them all up. Depend on how strong you want your milk to be, adjust the amount of syrup. I like to add a little generous amount of syrup and than add tons of ice because I love the smell of mint.

I don’t recommend making this every day because it’s really fattening with all the sugar in the syrup. This is my guilty pleasure LOL

I hope you find it helpful.

Love ya,



July 11th, 2013.


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