Beauty – Fall Nail Polish: Purple Shades

Hi everyone~

I am so sorry for not posting recently. I was so busy and lazy I know I am sorry. So today I decided I should post something on my blog and the other day, I was looking through my Mom’s nail polishes and I saw these beautiful purple shades that I thought would be great for the Fall time so I wanted to share with you guys.

Disclaimer: I forgot some of the names so I will fix it when I go back to my Mom’s house again.


So on my thumb, I have the last year Halloween nail polish from Wet’n’Wild . It is a really beautiful purple-ish black with purple glitters and I am not a fan of dark nail polishes but I love this one. It is the only dark polish I own. I am not sure if Wet’n’Wild comes out with this shade this year but if they do,I would recommend go and get it.

On my index finger, I am pretty sure it is Sally Hansen in Flirt. It is a red-ish purple. I personally do not really like it but it does remind me of Fall.

On my middle finger, I have Wet’n’Wild in On A Trip. It is a really nice lilac color and I think it is great for all year round.

On my ring finger, I have O.P.I Funky Dunkey. I feel like it is the basic shade of purple, nothing too interesting but somehow I just love this color for Fall.

Finally on my pinky finger, I think I have a Sally Hansen nail polish but I am not sure. This is not my color and it requires at least three thin coats for color to appear nicely.

Those are the purple shades that I found in my Mom’s collection and I just swatched them and share with you guys.

I hope you guys like it.
Love ya,

HCMC, October 8th 2013.


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