Random – Hello World!!!

Hi guys! How have you been? I am doing great so far. At the moment, I am in the US attending college. I go to Green River Community College so if any of you go there, come say hi to me, I would love to have some friends since I am not very good at making friends. I had my first orientation this morning and I met couples of Vietnamese students there, mostly boys which is weird. 

Well, I am doing great here. I got to the US on December 18th. I have got to see my aunt and her family. She took me to some Vietnamese stores, to the Tacoma mall and I got some pretty good deals there. Hopefully I can go one more time on New Year Day if the mall is not closed. The plan for New Year Day is she will take me to some Vietnamese markets down in Tacoma and we may go to her house and have dinner there. She actually took me to Mizuki restaurant, which is a buffet restaurant, on Christmas Eve. It was pretty awesome tbh.

I took the COMPASS tests this morning. It was tired but I got good scores. I may be placed in English 100. It could be English 101 if my Reading score was 86 or above ( I got 80 which sucks). And for Math, I think I may be in Math 147. I was a bit upset when I know I could get to English 101 if my Reading score was higher BUT I am not going to retake the test because reading is my least favorite subject and it also is my worst skill. I always get the lowest score for reading out of all the English skills. I want to take English 101 soon because after that, I do not have to deal with it anymore.

Actually it is not too bad since I will be placed in English 100 and Reading 84 (They are both in the same level and after taking those classes, I will take English 101! Yay)

Okay so those are some updates for now. Those are the only thing I can remember because I have had a long day today and I am pretty tired tbh. I will go to bed soon tonight and getting ready for tomorrow. I do not remember what I have to do tomorrow but I will update with you guys soon with some pictures of my room, too. It is a very nice room, kind of like a small apartment and I love it to death. And it is very close to school and I actually and ride bike there.

Enough for today. I will talk to you guys soon and hopefully more fashion posts coming up soon since I have limited clothes here and I still have not found the right corner for my camera.

See ya,

9.22 pm, December 30th 2013.

OH MY GOSH! How can I forget about this! WordPress just told me couples days ago that I have had my blog for two years now. I am so happy. I should do some thing to celebrate. I do not know. OMG I am so happy right now. Do you have any request or something? Well, just let me know in the comment. Love you all so much and Thank you for all the support in the past two years. I appreciate them all. Thank you so much!!!!!!!


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