Beauty – I Love Nail Art

Hi guys~,

A while ago, I had some posts featuring nail art. You can read it here and here. One of my stable pieces is nail art. Today’s post is indicated for nails.


I started doing nails when I was in about 8th grade. In Vietnam, we are not allowed to wear make-up or do our nails to school so I usually did my nails during weekends or holidays. I sometimes did my nails during weekdays but I had to hide them from my teachers. I was a rule-breaker and still am.

Camera 360

My Mom did not allow me to wear make-up when I was in junior high but she let me do my nails. She loves doing nails as well. I think I inherited the love for fashion, make-up, nail art from my Mom. She took me shopping, she did my make-up when I was little whenever we went to weddings or special occasions, and she took me to nail salon with her.


I used to do my nails started with solid colors, then I worked my way up with simple style. I started doing complicated designs before I went back to the US. I went to a beauty school specified for nail art and nail salon.


I learned a lot there and I loved it. By going to that beauty school, I was able to get more supplies. The more I study, the more I am into it. I go online and save pictures of designs to my phone. I am having about 90 pictures and I recreated about 20 of them.


I do my nails a lot, because if I do not, my nails will break. Doing nails is not only painting them. It is taking care of your nails. It usually takes me about at least an hour to do my nails. I start with cutting my nails, then filing and cleaning them. I clean skin around them then started to paint. Solid color takes about 30 minutes to do, simple designs take about an hour, and complicated ones take at least an hour and a half.


I posted some on my Instagram (that you can click here and follow hehe)


Some of my favorite brands for nail polish are OPI (of course) and Sally Hansen. The majority of my polishes are from them. My base coat and top coat are from Essie, because I could not find OPI at Walgreen. But I ended up loving them, especially the fast dry top coat. They work amazingly.


I also have nail polishes from Essie, Wet’n’Wild, E.L.F, LA Girls, and LA Colors. I do not buy expensive nail color. I like to invest in base coat and top coat, because one protects my nails and one protects my designs. The OPI nail polishes are gifts from my aunt. Even though I love them, I have never purchased any color from them.

My newest recreation.
My newest recreation.

During July, I did not do my nails at all because I was packing to move. I packed all my nails polishes first, because I wanted to let my nails rest for a month. As you can see my latest recreation was messy and clumsy. That month was the longest month of my life. I felt so naked without my nails done and I hated looking at my nails. I am so happy to be able to do my nails again.


I usually either look for inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, Google, or YouTube. Some YouTubers that I subscribe to are cutepolish and elleandish. I prefer cutepolish because she uses free hand techniques a lot. It can be somewhat difficult, but when you master it, you will love it. Elleandish uses both free hand and stamping, and she has a tons of cute designs.

I hope you guys like this post. It is super long.
Love ya,

August 16th, 2014.


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