Random – My All Time Favorite Group – TVXQ!

Hi guys~

This is just a random post after watching TheFineBros‘ video YouTubers React to K-pop #2. After watching this video, I suddenly had a lot of thoughts. Thus, I decided to write this post about TVXQ!. Yup their name is not just TVXQ, it is TVXQ!, with exclamation point LOL. I do not know why SM Entertainment decided to have “!” at the end, but that is how it is. For the longest time, I did not know about that tiny little point LOL.

This is not really a biography of TVXQ!, I just want to randomly talk about them. My thoughts are not organized at all since it is almost 2:00 in the morning. This is the first time I really say what I think and what people are talking about them. I actually get emotional every time I think about it.

So TVXQ! stand for Tong Vfang Xien Qi, which means “Gods raise from the East”. They have been popular for ten years. This is their 11th year working in the K-pop industry. Before that year 2008, they were the most popular boy band in Korea and they were the second generation of the Korean Hallyu (Wave) in Japan. To K-pop, Japan is their target to expand their popularity. Pretty much every K-pop band will release their album or debut in Japan at some point.

TVXQ! had the biggest fanclub among other bands at that time. Well, they actually have two fanclubs. One is Cassiopea (international) and one is BigEast (Japan).

As I read some comments on TheFineBros’ video about why they only see two people in the MV but five in the picture. They actually started with five members in 2003. But after 5 years, in 2008, three of the members decided not to continue their contract with SM Entertainment. The reason they wanted to leave was because of the “Slave Contracts” that SM had, which are contracts that last at least ten years and all other unfair rules that they had to follow. Two of the members, which is TVXQ! today, decided to stay. No one really knows why they stayed, but they did. Since there were tons of conspiracy theories out there, I decided to not believe in any of them and just think that they wanted to stay.

Fans were disappointed by their decisions at that time. They gathered in front of SM building all day hoping that TVXQ! would stay together. But the decision had been made. Lots and lots of fans left the fandoms. And from that point, their popularity dropped. But on the other hand, their leaving helped people know about “Slave Contracts” and made a stop on that. They actually helped their juniors not suffering from that.

So this part I do not really know how to address in English. I am just going to write it in Vietnamese instead. Mình và đứa bạn đã có lần nói về những bài báo so sánh DB với Big Bang hay Suju, những bài báo với tiêu đề kiểu như “BB và Suju không bị ảnh hưởng bới lời nguyền 6 năm của các nhóm nhạc idol” và này nọ. Trong 6 năm hoạt động của BB với Suju, có bao nhiêu năm 2 nhóm đó hoạt động cả nhóm, hay là tách ra solo, chạy show, đóng phim, đóng quảng cáo? Trong 5 năm DB hoạt động, có bao nhiêu năm họ tách ra solo, đi show, đóng phim, đóng quảng cáo? Việc so sánh như vậy là đã thấy vô lí.

Then, there are people comparing JYJ (three members that left) with TVXQ! They said that JYJ is not as good as TVXQ! and things like that. You have to know that after leaving SM Entertainment, JYJ were not allowed to perform on stage or appear on any TV shows. SM is one of the three biggest companies in showbiz and they told all broadcast companies that if they let JYJ appear on the channels, SM would not let their artists to appear on those channels, especially music shows (if that make sense). That means those broadcast companies will suffer a great loss. Hence, JYJ could not be seen on TV at all.

The only time JYJ performed on stage after that incident was when they performed an OST during an award event. And the only way for them to appear on TV is through dramas (Korean version of TV shows or soap operas). So saying JYJ sucks or anything like that is just too unfair for them. Why they do not have a lot of fans? Or why not many people know about them? Because they are not able to appear on TV to promote themselves.

I personally support both TVXQ! and JYJ since I have been loving them for six years. I might get a lot of hates for this post because I bias them. But that is totally fine, since these are my personally opinions. I know that they are not as popular as they were, but I really hate when people compare TVXQ! with Super Junior (Suju). People say things like TVXQ! is not as good as Suju. So let me say what I think about that.

First, comparing their singing ability. TVXQ! clearly won this round. If you listen to K-pop for a long time, you probably know “The Three-Second Rule”. It is most members of a group only sing about three seconds and one or two main vocals will sing longer. You can watch K-pop MVs to see that. The more members a group has, the shorter each member has to sing. Among eleven members of Suju, there are only two or three main vocals. Meanwhile, TVXQ! only has two members. You know what I mean.

Also, in K-pop industry, it is normal when artists perform with music that has their voice in. It is not lip sync. They still sing but the music kind of back them up when they are short of breathe, because they have to sing and dance at the same time. To judge which artist is really good at singing, there is a program called “Mr.Remove”. You can go on YouTube and type Mr. Remove with a song tittle. There are lots of results. And if you type in any TVXQ!’s song, even when they were still five or two, you will be amaze by how good they are. They sing and dance at the same time and sound like CD.

Second, comparing the amount of fans each group has. While TVXQ! only focus on singing and just started focusing on acting, Suju has been singing, acting, going on shows, and so on from the day they debuted. On of the reasons why Suju has so many members is that they can separate and do multiple other entertainment things at the same time. So while people only know TVXQ! for their singing, they may know some members of Suju from show A or movie B and become fans of those members. But to “brag” about Suju’s popularity, SM and their fans will count those people as fans of the whole group. I only bias one member of Suju but I never really tell anyone because I do not want to be considered as an E.L.F (Suju’s fanclub).

In Korea, TVXQ! might not be as famous as before but when they come to Japan, they are super famous there. They are the only Korean band being considered as real Japanese pop artists, beside BoA. I read somewhere that Japanese people, beside fans, go to watch other Korean groups’ performances because they are bored and have nothing to do LOL. I am not sure if that is true but it is funny. But at the same time, that shows how famous TVXQ! is. As I said earlier, Japan is one of the biggest music industries in the world that every K-pop band want to be considered as real artists.

Enough comparing, let’s move on to today. From here, everything will be more like something I want to talk to myself LOL. Just a collection of some recent funny things TVXQ! did.

It was so funny how ChangMin considered Cassiopea and BigEast as “Elite” LOL. Probably after ten years, most of their fans are now grown up and in their twenties, thirties, even forties. No more crazy acts like teenagers, their fans are now elegant and “elite” LOL.

YunHo actually is my bias. He has a very significant laugh that cracks me up every time I hear it. And his drawing skill is amazing. He once drew a dragon that looks exactly like a snake or a worm. His famous drawing is this

From Running Man ep 27
From Running Man ep 27

Yup you are looking at it correctly. He drew a rhino. He said that he has his own concepts when drawing, and no one could understands it LOL.

JaeJoong is a crazy member. You can go on his Instagram and see how crazy he is. He was the main vocal of the group. I am so sad at how skinny he is. He has the smallest waist among all male artists.

JunSu has a super high voice. His nickname is Dolphin, that just explains everything LOL. He is the one being trolled by ALL members, even the maknea (youngest) Changmin. Poor litlle JunSu.

YooChun is an emotional guy. He is super good at acting. I love all of his drama. If you want something funny, there is Rooftop Prince. If you want something sad, there is I Miss You (or Missing You). If you want something serious, there is Three Days. Those are not the only dramas he is in. I am only listing a few. And his favorite style is wearing flip flops in the Winter time. He said that he wants to feel the cold through his toes LOL I guess it is like “It is cold but not too cold” type thing. That is why fans call him Mr. Flip Flops or Park Flip Flops.

More about ChangMin. He has two fridges at home. One for food and one for alcohols. He loves food so much that fans said is possible, he would marry food or fridge that is full of food. He eats all the time but does not gain weights. Well he is gaining an alcohol belly, though LOL.

ChangMin is famous for trolling fans. In Vietnam, we call him Mr. Iced Water. You know when you say something, then someone reply with a troll, and you feel like you are just being drenched in cold iced water. That is how he is to fans. Well, for now, fans are trolling him as Chamiko because of his cross-dress performance during SMTOWN in Seoul 2014 recently. Honestly, I feel so jealous of his beauty LOL


He has been nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 4 times in ONE day. Yup Mr. Iced Water is me drenched in iced water LOL. I cannot wait to see him doing this.

And somebody asks if the high pitch in TVXQ! MVs is real. It is real. You can go on YouTube and search “ChangMin high pitch” and you will be impressed.

Well I should stop now. It is 4:00 am. Better go to bed since I have a lot to do tomorrow.


August 22nd, 2014.


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