DIY – Recycle Paper Rolls Pt. 2 – Pencil Holder

Hi guys~

Here is another DIY with paper rolls for you guys. I got inspiration from YouTube, I just do not specifically remember who. This is one of my post for my Back To School series. It is very easy to do. Let’s get started!

What you will need:


– Shoes box (Or any kind of cute box you want. I did not use that box that I showed in this picture. I went and purchased another box since I did not need a box that big)
– Liquid glue.
– Paper rolls.
– Optional: paint and paint brush.


1. So first, I decided to paint all paper rolls a white color. I gave them several coats.


2. Then I laid all of the paper rolls inside the box to see how they looked. You can adjust the height of the paper rolls according to how you like.


3. I poured out some glue and dipped each paper roll in the glue. Then stuck each of them in the box



4. Let the glue dry overnight before using it.


And you have it! After the glue dry, you can start displaying your stationary in.


I did not fill the whole box with paper rolls because I wanted to have some space to keep my lip balms, hand cream, and knick knacks like that.

You can get creative with this by changing the color of the rolls, the height of them, and how you arrange them.

I hope you guys enjoy.
Love ya,

September 2nd, 2014.


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