DIY – Makeover Pencils

Hi guys~

I have another DIY for you guys. This is another Back-To-School post. I got the idea from the Internet as well. If you prefer wooden pencils and love DIY, keep on reading.


What you need:


– Wooden pencils.
– Scissors.
– Cut washi/maksing tape.
– Pencil sharpener.


1. Take out a pencil, then measure washi tape along the length of the pencil.


2. Cut off the excess.


3. Start pressing the tape alongside the pencil. It requires 2 to 3 strips of tape to cover the pencil.


4. Lastly, sharpen your pencils and you are done!


Now you can just use your cute pencils. You can be creative by using different tapes with different patterns. I use wooden pencils mostly when I want to doodle or when someone wants to borrow my pencils.


I just display them in my DIY pencil holder. Link here.

I hope you guys like it.
Love ya,

September 17th, 2014.


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